Łódź taxi drivers to stage protest

Taxi drivers in Łódź have announced that they will hold a protest over decreasing rates and an entry ban to Łódź’s main street Piotrkowska. The protest is planned for 24th of March at 11:00.


The organizers of the protest stated that a convoy of taxis will make their way from Plac Wolnosci to city hall, where there will be handing over a petition in protest over several issues.

One of the issues raised are the ever decreasing rates. According to a statement, taxi drivers in Łódź will soon not be willing to serve customers as rates are decreasing and the licensed taxi trade is becoming increasingly unprofitable. In addition, US company UBER, a service provider of unlicensed drivers, announced that it plans to launch its service in Łódź this April, undercutting standard licensed taxi rates and decreasing competitiveness of taxi drivers.

Additionally, taxi drivers protest the recently enforced entry ban to Piotrkowska, Łódź’s main street.

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