Łódź ranked 5th among world’s most congested cities

The central Polish city of Łódź has been ranked in 5th place among the world’s most congested cities. Though the report is based on data collected throughout 2016, the ranking would not come as a surprise for most residents of Łódź.


The report, which was released by Dutch company TomTom this week, shows the cities with the highest level of congestion. The data used for the annual report derives from navigation system users from across the globe.

Using data from 2016, the recently released report ranks Mexico City on top of the list of most congested cities with 66%. Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is ranked second with 61% while Jakarta came in third with a 58% congestion rate.

Initially, when releasing the report, TomTom focused on cities with a population of 800,000 people or more. According to this report, the fourth place is taken by Chongqing with 52% while fifth place is claimed by the Romanian capital Bucharest with 50%.

However, users have the option to include all cities, regardless of their size, into the report and by doing so, include Łódź sitting in 5th place with a congestion rate of 51%.


Though improvements on the city’s infrastructure are still ongoing and projects completed in late 2016 have contributed to a significant reduction of traffic jams throughout the city, the report was compiled using data from throughout 2016, putting Łódź in an unfavourable position.

The full congestion index can be found here

– TomTom’s mission is to transform mobility across the world, helping to create the smarter cities of the future. A big part of this transformation is to help everyday drivers to make better decisions about how they get around. This is where our expertise in traffic comes in, and it’s why we release the TomTom Traffic Index
every year. It’s designed to help drivers, cities and transport planners to understand traffic congestion and, most importantly, how toreduce it, – Ralf-Peter Schaefer, VP TomTom Traffic, said.

Source: TomTom press release
Image: Autokult.pl

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