Łódź police officers escort pregnant woman. Help reach hospital on time

Police officers acted quickly when they received a telephone call from a couple travelling through the Łódź region. The call was made by the husband of a pregnant woman in the morning hours of Monday (24.04.), asking for assistance as his pregnant wife has gone into labour while travelling in the car with him.

The officers from Opoczno (Łódź region) escorted the couple to the borders of the Łódź region as they were travelling towards Końskie in the Świętokrzyskie region. Having informed their Świętokrzyskie colleagues, who took the escort over at the border of the two regions, the couple reached the regional hospital in Końskie on time where doctors and nurses were already waiting.

In the evening hours, a freshly-baked and proud father showed up at the police station to thank the officers for their assistance and their quick actions.

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