Łódź Philharmonic targeted by vandals – Damage estimated at 100 thousand PLN

Four windows of the Łódź Philharmonic have been damaged by what is believed to have been gun shots. Three of the four windows were decorative windows. The damage is estimated at approx. 100 thousand PLN.


Police in Łódź are looking for (what the Dziennik described as “Snipers”) those responsible for the damage caused to windows of the Łódź Philharmonic. Workers discovered the damage on Monday which is estimated at around 100 thousand PLN.

According to the Dziennik Łódzki, the damage caused to the windows is similar to damage caused by bullets fired from a gun or air rifle. The shots are believed to have been fired from the direction of ul. Narutowicza. Preliminary findings show that the shots were either fired from the square in front of the TVP Łódź building or from a slow moving car travelling on ul. Narutowicza. Three of the four damaged windows were decorative windows priced at 35 thousand PLN each.

– We are surprised and saddened that a cultural institution with a rich offer has become the victim of vandals – , says Marzena Wiśniak of the Łódź Philharmonic.

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