Łódź – Munich route cancelled. Adria Airways pulls out of Łódź Airport

Starting from 1st of July 2017, flights between Łódź and the southern German city Munich will no longer be available. The announcement was made after negotiations between the airline and management of the airport failed.

Within the first five month of the new year, Łódź airport has lost three routes operated by Slovenian airline Adria Airways. This time, the airport announced that the Łódź – Munich route will be suspended as of 1st of July this year.

According to Radio Łódź and the aviation information portal latajznami.pl, airport officials confirmed that the deal between the airline and the airport will not be extended. Representatives of the airport stated that the conditions presented by the airline would be too cost intensive for the airport and would increase its losses even further.

Passengers will be able to use the Łódź – Munich service until the 30th of June. It is already no longer possible to purchase tickets on this route for later dates via the airline’s website. Speaking to the Łódź Post on Saturday (06.05.17), employees of the airline’s reservations call center confirmed that flights from Łódź will no longer be available after 30th of June.

Adria Airways started flights between Łódź and the popular German city in March 2014. A year later, the airline increased the frequency on the Munich route to 12 flights per week and also launched a connection to the Dutch capital Amsterdam. In 2016, the airline added Łódź – Paris to its network of routes.

However, in January 2017 Adria Airways announced the suspension of the Łódź – Paris route, shortly followed by the suspension of its connection to Amsterdam. By suspending its Łódź – Munich route, Aria Airways completely pulls out of Łódź airport.

Image: Wiki Commons

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