Łódź marks 73rd anniversary of Litzmannstadt Ghetto liquidation

29th of August 2017 marks the 73rd anniversary of the liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. As usual, the main ceremony will take place at the Radegast station.

The program of the commemoration includes, among others, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and meetings with special guests. It will start with a prayer at the Jewish Cemetery, followed by a memorial march which will end at Radegast Station, where the official ceremonies will take place.

– For us, for the Jewish community, it is to honor the memory of the dead and the murdered. This is also an opportunity to reflect on Polish-Jewish relations, here and now, today and in the future, because for us such events are an opportunity to meet and build relations with the inhabitants of Łódź – explains Łódź based rabbi Dawid Szychowski.

The Ghetto in Łódź was established by the Nazi German occupiers on the 8th of February 1940. It was one of the longest running ghettos with over 200,000, mainly Jewish people, passing through. Residents of the Ghetto came from Łódź and surrounding areas but also from further afield such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. Most of them perished in Nazi German concentration camps. Out of the over 200,000 people that passed through the Ghetto, only around 900 survivors were left after its liquidation.

During WW2, the Nazi German occupiers renamed the city of Łódź to Litzmannstadt, in honour of general Karl Litzmann who successfully lead battles close to Łódź during WW1.

Images: Wiki Commons – Bundesarchiv

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