Łódź free Wi-Fi will continue to be available in 2015

Launched in the summer, the urban network of hotspots will be maintained by the city budget. The annual cost of operating the system will be 98 thousand zloty.


Free internet network in the city of Łódź will run at least until the end of 2015. The 23 hotspots are currently weighing in heavy on the citizens budget with an annual maintenance cost of 417 thousand zloty. However, next year, the internet will be financed from the municipal budget. Annual maintenance cost will be reduced to 98 thousand zloty.

The initiative of the free network was run by the Youth City Council of Łódź. In autumn MRM chairman Nicholas Jasinski reported another application to the Civil Budget for the year 2015. This time, hotspots will also be available in Łódź buses and trams.


List of all hotspots available in Łódź:

pl. Dąbrowskiego
pl. Wolności
pl. Niepodległości
Pasaż Schillera
Pasaż Rubinsteina
Skwer Dubaniewicza
Stawy Jana
Stary Rynek
ul. Piotrkowska
Lodz Zoo
Botanical Garden
Park Mickiewicza
Park Staromiejski
Park Piłsudskiego
Park Sienkiewicza
Park Źródliska
Park Podolski
Górka Widzewska
Park Poniatowskiego
Park Reymonta
Park Matejki
Park Ocalałych

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