Łódź Fabryczna – Company Enkev has been ordered to move

Company Enkev has to move out of the neighborhood of the new railway station Łódź Fabryczny by end of the week. ul. Nowotargowa will be build through it’s plot of land.


Company Enkev, located at the plot of land, which is designated for the new ul. Nowotargowa, has been ordered to vacate the property quickly. The city has given the company one week for a voluntary transfer of land. Otherwise, officials will start eviction. The Mayor of Łódź issued a decree authorizing the implementation of road investment on the construction of ul Nowotargowa. The decision was received by Enkev on Monday. Based on this decision, the company will be expropriated from the plot of land.

The dispute between Enkev and the city of Łódź dragged on for years. When the decision was made to build the new railway station Łódź Fabryczna in 2009, the city offered 17.8 million zł. for the plot of land. Enkev wanted 65 million zł. City council increased the offer to 19 and later to 26 million zł. Endless sessions in court ended with decisions in favour of the city. The dispute has caused significant delays to the construction of Łódź Fabryczna. Whether or not Enkev will vacate the property remains unclear.

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