Łódz Events attract 30% more visitors than in 2014

Almost a quarter of a million participants (exactly 240 thous.) took part in events organized in Łódz over July and August 2015 says Bartłomiej Wojdak – Press Office of Promotion, Tourism and International Cooperation of the City of Łódz. This is an increase of 30 % percent compared to the number of participants to the same events in 2014.


The event which proved to be most popular and attracted about 115 thousand visitors was the 592nd Łódz anniversary. The second most attractive was a series of events called “Polówka” (open movie screenings which take place in seven locations in the city). Fifty five screenings that already took place this summer attracted an average of 500 visitors bringing the total number of participants to more than 55 thousands. Third most popular was the Festival of Colours with 20 000 people attending the event.

Officials also announced the number of visitors to Łódz’s main street – Piotrkowska. Cameras spread along Piotrkowska allow for an exact count of pedestrians which amounted to 1.7 million in July and August.

Image: Dziennik

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