Łódź emergency services struggle with aftermath of severe storms

Heavy rain, melting snow and strong gusts of wind caused numerous flooding, damage to buildings and malfunctions in electricity supply.


Emergency services in Łódź have their work cut out for them as heavy gusts and rain caused havoc across the region over the last couple of days. Fire services were called out to deal with broken off tree branches and flooding of streets and building cellars.

– Most interventions were related to broken roofs and damaged buildings, associated with strong winds and rainfall. Several times we had to pump water from buildings – says Cpt. Jędrzej Pawlak, spokesperson for the Łódź provincial headquarters of the state fire service.

To deal with broken off tree branches and flooding, firefighters across the country were called out more than 650 times over the past 2 days. According to data released by the crisis management center, some 28,000 households across Poland were left without electricity.

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