Łódź City Council: There is no consensus on a private militia in Łódź

The far right nationalist group ONR announced that it wants to introduce its own patrols not only at a refugee camp near Łódź, but also on the city’s main street, Piotrkowska.


In a statement, Łódź city council has declared that there is no consensus on a private militia patrolling the streets of Łódź. On Tuesday, councilors will meet to discuss the issue, however, city council chairman Tomasz Kacprzak, stated that – There is no consensus on a private militia tracking foreigners in our town -.

Additionally, following media reports on the intentions of ONR, mayor of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska told the press that there are only two authorities for keeping the peace in the city which is police and Straż Miejska.

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