Łódź City Bikes – One-Millionth rental recorded

102 days ago, the public bicycle system in Łódź went live and has since enjoyed great popularity among residents and visitors. Today, 11.08.16, the one-millionth rental was recorded.


The lucky cyclist was Paweł Ziółkowski from Łask. Trying to rent a bike as usual, he was surprised when Hanna Zdanowska, president of Łódź, congratulated and presented him with a 500 PLN bonus to be used towards his next bike rentals.

Though the 500 PLN have been credited to Paweł Ziółkowski’s account, Nextbike Polska states that the funds will most likely last him for a while. The company says that while number of rentals in Łódź are high, most rental bikes are being returned within the free usage time, i.e. within 20 minutes.

The millionth rental was not the only record broken by the Łódź city bikes. On average, the number of rentals per day is well above any other city in which Nextbike Polska operates the public bicycle system. For example, on May 12th, Łódź city bikes recorded a total of 18,000 rentals within a 24 hour period.

Image: Urząd Miasta Łodzi

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