Łódz Business Run 2016 – Running for a good cause

On the 4th of September 2016, the city of Łódź will play host to the third edition of the Łódź Business Run. The run starts at 10.30am and aims to support the“Jasiek Mela Foundation Beyond Horizons”, an initiative to support those, who through various circumstances, have faced amputation.


Within the framework of the “Poland Business Run”, runners gathered simultaneously in the Polish cities of Krakow, Poznan and Katowice in 2013. In 2014 the cities of Warsaw and Łódź joined in, extending the network of the Poland Business Run to change someone’s life. In 2016, the Business Run will take place in seven Polish cities: Kraków, Poznań, Katowice, Łódź, Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk

The distance to be covered for each participant in Łódź is 3.8 km in a five relay race and it is available for absolutely everyone. The route in Łódź leads runners from the passage between Kosciuszki Street and Piotrkowska 217 to Wolczańska Street, turns right into Żwirki Street, to Żeromskiego Street, through Politechnika’s campus and back to the passage. Participants can choose if they want to cover the distance fast, slow or even by walking – all that counts is participation and the willingness to help. Two healthy legs are enough to change someone’s life forever.


Last year, over 1000 runners joined the Łódź Business Run starting from the EC1, leading around Sienkiewicza, Tuwima and nearby streets. For this year, 276 teams have confirmed their participation, bringing likeminded people from various companies together in an attempt to raise money to change someone’s life. There was no limit per company and registrations have topped all expectations. For example, multinational company Xerox, which operates from their office in the heart of the city, will bring 4 teams to the event, hoping to be crowned winners at the end, but also running for a good cause.


This year, the Łódź Business Run will support 7 people who are in need of support and a prosthesis in order to continue to lead a normal life. One of the beneficiaries is Robert Maciejewski, a 38-year old driver who has lost half his right leg due a road-traffic accident. Being a professional driver and having lost half his leg, Robert is unable to work in his profession. With the help of a prosthesis, Robert might well be able to get behind the wheel again or at least, perform activities in a different line of work. Having to support his family, his two children and wife, Robert is grateful for the positive outlook the Łódź Business Run and its participants has given him.

While the registration process for the run has already closed, there is still a possibility to support the initiative by making a donation towards the good cause. To make a donation and to become a vital part in support of the beneficiaries, please visit the donation’s website. There is also a possibility to support the Łódz Business Run by becoming a volunteer to help out with activities along the race course or by becoming a steward along the route. To sign up as a volunteer, please click here.

Images: Organizer Material & Wyborcza

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