Łódź Airport sums up 2016 – Will again report financial loss

Łódź Airport released preliminary figures, summing up its business in 2016. Once again, the airport will show significant financial losses.


While the airport’s results for 2016 show an improvement of 7.5 million PLN compared the 2015, preliminary figures show that it will still report a loss of 47.5 million PLN this year.

– The improved result has been achieved thanks to savings and restructuring. We have reduced employment by about 30 people – says Tomasz Szymczak of Łódź Airport. – All the time we act, so that financial losses are kept as low as possible -, he adds.

This year, the airport handled approx. 240,000 passengers, which is 20 thousand less than last year. – Next year is a chance for new connections, and thereby improve our financial results and position. We have announced, among others, new connections from Łódź to Greece and Israel-, Szymczak says.

The airport’s authorities also talk about additional scheduled flights to southern Europe and Ukraine.

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