Łódź Airport Statistics 2015 – “It is not the best result”

Łódź Airport published its statistics for the year 2015. The report shows an increase in passenger numbers, however, compared to other Polish airports, the result for Łódź is not good.


In 2015, Łódź airport saw an increase of 13 percent in passenger numbers. 290,000 passengers were handled by the port, however, comparing passenger numbers with other airports in Poland, the result “is not the best”.

Airport spokeswoman Eve Bienkowska: – Despite the increase in passenger numbers, we are not in the best position compared to other airports. New connections, which launched in 2015, helped us achieve growth. We hope that we will manage to attract new carriers this year -.

At the moment, the airport authorities are in talks with resident airlines Adria Airways and Ryanair in the hope to add new connections.

Image: Radio Lodz

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