Lenny Kravitz concert in Atlas Arena moved to 15th December

In the night from Sunday to Monday the agency Live Nation Poland announced that the concert has been moved from 3rd November to 15th December.


This year Kravitz celebrates 25 years of artistic activity. During this time he developed his own brand and style which resulted in different genres such as pop, rock and funk.

The musician plays the guitar, bass and drums. When inside the studio he works as both, creator and producer. So far, he recorded ten albums, which combined have sold nearly 40 million copies. In his spare time he also works as an actor. On the silver screen, we could see him in the movies, “Precious”, “Butler” and “Hunger Games.” In addition, he writes and designs. His company Kravitz Design deals with both interior (effects one can also see in the lobby of the exclusive hotel “The Delano in Miami”), as well as utilitarian objects and clothes. The artist is also involved in activities promoting knowledge about AIDS.

In Lodz, the musician will promote his new album “Strut”, which was released in September. The album garnered many positive reviews, and the single “The Chamber” was one of the biggest hits of the summer.

His Lodz concert had to the postponed due to medical reasons. Kravitz is still recovering from an infection. Atlas Arena will open its doors at 6pm. From 7.30pm, Gabriel Garzón-Montano will make a guest appearance while the star of the night will come on stage at 8.30pm. There are still tickets available at the price of cost 229 zloty.

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