#Kocham Łódź sign targeted by vandals

Two men were caught trying to steal letters of the illuminated “#Kocham Łódź” Christmas decoration during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. They were being taken to the police station for further questioning.


The 11 meters long #Kocham Łódź (Love Łódź) sign is part of this year’s Christmas decorations in Łódź. It invites residents and visitors to take their photos in front of it, expressing their love for the city of Łódź. During the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, at around 2am, two men were caught by CCTV cameras trying to snitch two letters from the sign.


Straz Miejska CCTV operators picked up on the two men and alerted the police who arrived on the scene quickly. The men were taken to a police station for further questioning. Whether or not the men love Łódź that much that they wanted to have the #Kocham Łódź sign at home is unknown.

Images: Nasze Miasto & Straz Miejska

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