Internet failure caused problems in Lodz Supermarkets and Banks

Residents of two provinces, Lodz and Kujawsko-Pomorskie, faced problems using the internet on Wednesday December 3rd. Most difficulties experienced customers waiting in banks and supermarkets that use optical fiber network GTS.


The network was broken from ca. 13:00. Many institutions have been cut off from the Internet. In some cases, the failure only caused reduced speed of data transfer.
– The fiber of one of our suppliers has been damaged, probably due to the ground works being carried out – explains Konrad Frost of the press office of T-Mobile Poland. – The damage occurred in two different locations. But both fiber serve the same customers, so the failure was noticeable. The GTS network is used by Łódź stores such as Ikea, Tesco, Jysk and Auchan.

Supermarket staff had problems updating the prices of products put on the shelves. In Ikea, customers mainly faced problems using the Wi-Fi network but were not affected otherwise. The biggest problems were faced by customers in Lodz banks. In some outlets problems with transfers of money to customers accounts occured. In other instances, withdraws from accounts were impossible due to lack of account data available.


The first fault was fixed just after 18:00. The second one an hour later. Many hours of lack of access to the Internet has shown us how much we are dependent on it.

– The prevalence of Internet use has become so obvious that we do not notice its existence. It was not until this sudden failure shows how much we depend on it – admits prof. Elizabeth Biesaga-Słomczewska from the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. – It could be argued that people who lack access to the Internet equate to social exclusion, – she adds further.

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