Integral part of Łódź history – The Central Museum of Textiles

The Central Museum of Textiles is located in the southern part of the city centre (Piotrkowska 282). You have probably seen the characteristic white building while traveling south along Piotrkowska Street towards Górna.

The museum is located in the former textile complex of Ludwig Geyer. Born in Berlin, he came to Łódź at the age of 23 to establish a textile workshop which eventually became one of the most modern factories of 19th century Łódź.

The beginning of the Central Textile Museum dates back to 1955 when it was decided to locate the Museum of History of Textiles in the building that is known today as The White Factory. It is worth mentioning that back in 50ties; the former Geyer factory was one of the first adaptations of postindustrial architecture into museum function.

There were a lot of renovations done since that time with the latest in 2006-2008. Thanks to Municipal and European Funds, the Museum was given additional 4 thousand square meters in the eastern wing (making the total of the surface 16 thousand square meters), open-air museum with a lot of interesting building from the period when industrial Łódź was being developed, inside courtyard with the interactive museum “Kotłownia” (Steam Boiler House).

The Central Museum of Textile is a modern museum where you can see and feel how the industrial Łódź looked like in the 19th century. There are a couple of interesting permanent exhibitions: The Tailor Shop, With fashion through the XX century, Reconstruction of a weaving mill from the late 19th century, Presentation of machines in motion, Tools and textile machinery in the collection of The Central Museum of Textiles and many more.

A place that all visitors find very attractive is the multimedia museum (Steam Boiler House). It is the first interactive textile museum in Central Europe that enhances visitor’s experience using the latest technology. The multimedia exhibition is prepared for an audience of all ages and includes nearly 100 engaging applications which give the opportunity to learn the history of the textile industry, the White Factory and Geyer’s family.

We strongly encourage you to check the museum’s website where you can find all information related exhibitions and other displays organized at The White Factory complex.

Article: Marcin Staniszewski
Images: Central Museum of Textiles Łódź

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