Initiative to ban circuses in Pabianice

Residents of Pabianice (Łódź region) want to ban circuses from their town if the circus is involved in specially training animals for the purpose of entertainment. Pabianice social committee, supported by the Pabianice animal shelter, began collecting signatures for a draft resolution on the matter.


Several times per year, circuses arrive in Pabianice, having more or fewer animals. I think that now awareness and social sensitivity clearly shows that this is not a natural way of keeping animals – says councilor Arkadiusz Jaksa.

In order to bring the resolution on the agenda of the city council, the originators of the initiative have to collect 200 signatures. The project involves the introduction of a prohibition on making land, belonging to the city, available to circuses where animals are trained for the purpose of entertainment. It also includes a ban on the distribution of tickets for such events in the city’s institutions. The city can not prohibit private institutions to organize such events.

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