Do not be indifferent – Łódź residents help Ukrainian war victims

Media coverage of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine is slowly dying down. But the war is far from over. Gunfire between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russia separatists are being exchanged every day despite the Minsk ceasefire agreement.


Despite diplomatic intervention from both the West and Russia as well as OSCE monitoring, the humanitarian situation is still unendurable for most families from the conflict region.

According to OSCE reports, over 7000 civilians have been killed since the outbreak of the conflict in April 2014. Tens of thousands have been displaced, seeking shelter in other regions and cities of Ukraine or have fled to Russia. In most cases they are compelled to share accommodation with 10 or more other people. They can not afford to buy the most basic items such as clothes for their children. Others have been injured and are in need of bandages for treatment.

Displaced families are in desperate need of essential survival items such as clothing (particularly warm clothing), food, hygienic articles as well as medical accessoires such as bandages, plasters etc.

A group of Łódź residents, members of the Association of Young Democrats and Association of Ukrainians in Poland, have decided to help and are appealing to anyone who is able to donate some of the above mentioned goods. It is only the end of July, but for the families in Ukraine, the worry about how to get through the next winter has already begun.

If you would like to help and donate, you can do so at address 6 Dzielnica (st. Piotrkowska, 102) during one of the following periods: 15-19.07, 23-26.07, 30 and 31.07 after 17: 00 or EVERYDAY in Mañana Tex-Mex Bistro (St. Piotrkowska 102, from 12 till 22).

You can also visit the Facebook Page of this initiative by clicking here

or send an email to the coordinator Marta Przywara –

Don’t be indifferent!

Photo: Reuters

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