Increasing traffic jams in Lodz a sign of transformation or carelessness?

Who hasn’t recently been hit by the increasing amount of cars on Lodz’s roads? When you leave work between 4 and 5pm during the week it is almost impossible to go 20 meters with having to slow down or even stop the car. Particularly Kopcinskiego and Piłsudskiego are hopelessly overcrowded. But is it really due to an increasing number of cars or is it simply bad planning by the city’s administration?


The dramatic situation of traffic in Lodz, congestions on major traffic routes and even closure of roads and lanes was a hot topic at an extraordinary session of the City Council on Thursday afternoon. Most emotions were aroused by the presence of the President of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska, who recently attended those sessions very rarely. “I came to the session to apologize to the people of Lodz for the inconvenience and promise that we are almost at the end of the construction works. I’ve never seen that at this scale of investment, as in Lodz, there was no disruption” Zdanowska explained. The traffic jams are a symbol of Lodz’s transformation. We could have avoided them, if the investments were carried out successively over the course of eight years, not just four” added Zdanowska.


However, Zdanowska also added that construction will only be finished in year 2016, leaving people in Lodz to deal with the daily routine of sitting back, relax and enjoy their traffic jam.

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