Illuminated Artwork Galore. Light Move Festival lightens up streets of Łódź this weekend

“No limits – szlakiem awangardy” is the motto of this year’s Light Move Festival in Łódź. With the weather forecast looking promising, the organizers, residents and visitors look forward to an extraordinary spectacle of light. The event will kick off this evening (29.09.) and will last until Sunday evening.

Once again the festival will beat its own record. In the last weekend of September, the event will illuminate 55 buildings on Piotrkowska Street. These colorful illuminations will be accompanied by exceptional music. There will be 38 lighting installations, large format projections and animations on the festival map.

Those who want to see all the attractions on the longest route must be prepared for a walk, there will be around 15 km of festival path -, says Beata Konieczniak, artistic creator and organizer of Light Move Festival.

Artists invited to participate in the LMF 2017 will bring together avant-garde works by artists such as Wladyslaw Strzemiński, Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali and many more. Using their ideas and original artistic solutions, artists will show how important the avant-garde for the development of visual arts was.

The main aim of the Light Move Festival is to promote the potential of this cultural and creative city. Conscious artistic use of light emphasizes individuality and attractive architecture, highlighting its qualities and distinctive decoration.

Over the last 6 years, the festival has become one of the most popular outdoor events in Poland, attracting visitors from all over the globe. Last year, over 550,000 visitors made their way to the center of Łódź to follow the spectacle and the 7th edition of the Light Move Festival promises to be even bigger and more spectacular.

The Łódź Light Move Festival 2017 will start today at 19:00 and will last until Sunday 23:59. For an interactive map of the event and it’s installations, visit the organizer’s website

Image: Organizer Material

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