Hot in the city. Refresh with water curtain and drinking water on Piotrkowska

Following a slow start to the summer, it’s gotten hot in and around the city. The thermometers in Łódź are showing up to 36 degrees Celsius today (01.08.) and temperatures are going to only slightly drop over the next couple of days.

The city of Łódź arranged for water curtains and drinking water to be available along the city’s main street Piotrowska. Water curtains are used for a quick refreshment by walking underneath them. Drinking water is available for residents to keep the body hydrated. The water trucks will be available until 17:00 every day until the end of this week.

In addition to the refreshments on Piotrkowska, medical experts advise to take at least two showers a day and avoid to stay in the sun for too long. They also advise against the excessive use of alcohol.

Image: UML

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