High season for pickpockets on MPK Łódź. Beware, police warns

Police in Łódź appeal to residents as well as tourists to keep their eyes open when using public transport in Łódź, particularly during the Easter season. According to police, the Easter holidays are known to be high season for pickpockets.


According to police and MPK Łódź, pickpockets are particularly active on public transport routes leading to and from the main shopping centers, or the “golden trail” as they call it.

They are usually dressed in hooded jackets / jumpers and baseball caps with visors to conceal their identity from CCTV cameras. Normally, they operate in groups of three. One to pick the victim, one to distract and a third to move into the pockets or bags of their victims.

Police are asking the public to beware and if they notice anything suspicious to contact the authorities on 997 (Police) or 986 (Straz Miejska).

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