Heavy storms and thunder to hit Łódź region

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has issued a communiqué in which it warns against storms with hail and gusts of strong wind to hit the city of Łódź and the province.

According to IMGW – Storms forecasted will bring rain up to 20 mm, locally up to 25 mm and gusts of winds of up to 80 km / h speed. –

The weather warning applies from 30th of April 17:00 to approx. 01:00 on May 1st.

In connection with the warning, please be cautious and:

secure windows and doors
secure objects placed on balconies, terraces and property yards,
do not park cars near trees, poles or power lines,
please refrain from sports activities in parks, on squares and in forests.

The Crisis Management Center in Łódź can be contacted on telephone number: 42 638 49 49

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