Heavy storm causes havoc in Łódź

A heavy storm, which passed through Łódź in the early hours of Thursday (10.08.) has caused heavy damage throughout the city. According to a report released by the city authorities, firefighters had to intervene over 120 times.

At the time of writing, the full scale of the damage was not yet known, however, city authorities said that emergency services are working to restore electricity in affected areas and clear streets and footpaths of broken off tree branches. At the city center tram stop “Centrum”, strong winds got hold of buildings material from a construction side opposite the stop and scattered the material across the road and the tram stop. There were no reports of injured by-passers.

The botanic garden and zoo will remain closed for visitors today (10.08.) due to lack of electricity and scattered broken tree branches. The city’s zoo confirmed that the animals are safe.

Image: Konrad Ciężki / UMŁ

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