Heavy snow and freezing temperatures cause havoc in Łódź

Heavy overnight snowfall and freezing cold temperatures have caused disruptions to traffic and public transport in Łódź. Police ask drivers and pedestrians to be cautious as low temperatures are expected to last until Tuesday.


The cold temperatures and heavy overnight snowfall have paralyzed the center of Łódź on Thursday (05.01.2017). Throughout the city, public transport vehicles were either delayed or did not run at all.

Rail passengers faced heavy delays in the morning hours as train services, particularly on the Łódź – Warsaw route, were disrupted.

Police in Łódź have asked drivers, public transport passengers and pedestrians to be cautious as roads and sidewalks may be slippery. Drivers are asked to adjust their speed to the road conditions while pedestrians are reminded to cross roads only at designated crossing points.

As freezing temperatures are expected to last at least until Tuesday, police and social services are also asking the public for assistance in dealing with homeless people who have not found shelter. If you see someone in need of assistance, please call one of the numbers below:

General Emergency Line: 112
Police: 997
City Guards: 986

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