Hanna Zdanowska re-elected as Mayor of Lodz

It was a truly emotional evening in the bar / pub “Lodz Kaliska” where Hanna Zdanowska and her colleagues of the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska / PO) political party set up their election evening’s headquarters.


Looking at the screens in disbelief and fear, Zdanowska had to witness the PIS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) party taking the lead after the preliminary election results were announced.

Fear and disbelief however turned into chants of “Jest!” (did it) and cries of “Hania, Hania” when the results of the second voting poll appeared on screen. Zdanowska had been re-elected as Mayor of the city of Lodz with a majority vote of 54%.

“I wanted to thank all the citizens of Łódź who voted for me – said Hanna Zdanowska a few minutes after the announcement of the preliminary election results. – I will continue to build up Lodz, I will continue to work for our city. Thank you for the trust, I will certainly not disappoint you.”
Clearly moved by the result, Zdanowska apologized for the lack of words before starting to celebrate the victory.
Following her short speach, Minister Grabarczyk, full of pride, added that winning in the first round, is a sign of confidence by the voters which can only be gained during a 4-year term, and not during a short campaign.


On Twitter Zdanowska thanked all her supporters again and promised that she will be at work at 8am this morning, to continue working on the improvements in the city of Lodz.

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