Hand to Hand market in Łódź – A helping hand for immigrants

A second hand market is planned to take place on Saturday, 21.05.16, at Yellow / Off Piotrkowska. The earnings from the sale of second hand goods will benefit the refugees currently residing in Grotniki.


With the second hand market, the organizers aim to achieve two goals. First of all, to assist refugees in Grotniki to integrate into their new community. Secondly, to bring locals closer to the immigrants, to help to learn from and understand each other. In most cases, fears by the local population are sparked by the fact that there is hardly any knowledge about the countries and cultures the refugees come from. With the hand to hand market, the organizers hope to change that.

On Saturday, 21.05.2016, the hand to hand market will take place at OFF Piotrkowska. The market will start at 11:00 and finish at 15:30. In addition to the second hand market, and exhibition, displaying the works of children currently living in Grotniki, awaits visitors.

The funds raised from the market will go towards an integration event for the refugees in Grotniki. The details of the event have not yet been published, however, the organizers will be happy to discuss those details during the market on the 21st of May.

For those interested, a special guest from Syria, who came to Łódź two years ago and has currently holds the status of political asylum in Poland, will speak about his country and the war and will also share his experiences.

The organizers also appeal to anyone who has spare clothes, books, toys etc. and would be willing to donate those. You can contact the organizers through the Hand to Hand Facebook page or through the market’s event page on Facebook

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