Gas explosion in an apartment block at Lutomierska in Łódź

Two people were injured as a result of a gas explosion in an apartment block at Lutomierska Street 156 in the Bałuty district of Łódź. The explosion happened at around 2am on Saturday morning (02.09.) .

20 residents of the apartment block were evacuated from the building by firefighters and one woman was rushed to hospital with burns. Preliminary findings show that a 22-year old resident of the building forgot to switch off the gas cooker before leaving the apartment. Upon return to her apartment at around 2am this morning, the gas explosion occurred as she switched on the light in her apartment.

It is not yet known if the injuries of the woman are life threatening.

Image: Wiki Commons

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  1. Presence of mind is the key to safe handling of all gas-operated equipment inside or outside the kitchen. Let’s hope that no lives are lost and that the injured will get a speedy recovery. The 22-year old must not be harshly criticised; she is certainly suffering enough for her unwanted error.

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