Gang of arms dealers busted in the Lodz region.

A gang of arms dealers was busted by police in the Lodz region. Officers of the “CBS” – Central Bureau of Investigation – arrested 13 people aged between 35 and 61.
Several thousand rounds of ammunition and dozens of units of firearms were found by the officers of the Lodz CBS.


Members of the organized criminal group are facing punishment of up to 10 years in prison – says Deputy Inspector, Joanna Kącka, Lodz police spokeswoman. The investigation into the organized criminal group, began in autumn of last year and came to a close with the raid of several premises in Lodz and the Lodz region.

Police secured, among others, several hand firearms and assault rifles and also found four military grenades F-1 and RG-42. – Weapons will be further examined in the police’s ballistic crime lab – said Kącka. Investigators determined that the criminal group traded new types of weapons equipped with silencers. Pistols and rifles were stored in homes and in rented premises or warehouses.

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