Free Wi-Fi on trams and buses in Łódz. Additionally free travel on last weekend of October

Another reason for commuters to use public transport in Łódz is the availability of free wi-fi connections on trams and buses across the MPK Łódz network. It is one of the latest project realized through the Łódz civil budget says Sebastian Grochala, spokesman for MPK Łódz.


Grochala confirmed that free internet access is now available in a total of 209 public transport vehicles in Łódz. Hotspots have been installed in 184 buses, mostly Mercedes-Benz and Solaris Urbino and 25 trams, mainly Cityrunner and Pesa vehicles – Grochala adds.

The vehicles will run along different lines and will not be assigned to specific routes to allow more residents to avail of the service. The only exception will be trams which exclusively run on fixed routes such as lines 11, 15 and 15A – explains the spokesman of MPK Łódz.

Travellers will be able to easily recognize the trams and buses in which free wi-fi is available through labels attached to the middle door as well as inside the vehicle close to the drivers cabin.

Initially the civil budget allocated funds to cover free internet access on public transport for one year, however, the city has already indicated that it will allocate additional funds for a further three years.

Realizing the free wi-fi project is not the only positive news Łódz city council prepared. Łódz authorities announced that on the weekend of October 31st to November 1st, travellers on Łódz public transport will be able to travel completely free of charge as part of the opening ceremony of Trasa W-Z. Additionally, Hanna Zdanowska, president of Łódz declared that she intends to prolong the current offer on public transport tickets. Currently passengers are able to use 20 minutes tickets for 40 minutes. Initially this offer was to last until the completion of Trasa W-Z, however, the president intends to extend the offer until the end of the year. Final decision on this topic will be made this week.

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