Foreigners in Łódz – A Facebook Group supports growing international community in Łódz

When we first arrive in a different city or country, it is difficult to find our way around. The usual questions that arise are where do I go shopping? Where can I find an English speaking hairdresser? Where can I buy public transport tickets? One place where we can be certain that our questions will be answered, is the ever growing Facebook community “Foreigners in Łódz” .


Started just over 5 years ago by Davide Zammarchi, an Italian expat living in Łódz, the Foreigners in Łódz Facebook group has seen tremendous growth over the last 2 years or so growing from 800 members in February 2014 to over 2000 today (3rd December 2015). – I created the group in order to find other foreigners living in Łódz, to ask for advice. It certainly helped me to settle into my new life in Łódz-, Davide says.

The city of Łódz is changing. With multinational companies which already settled here (Infosys BPO Polska, Xerox, Fujitsu) constantly growing and other companies, such as Swiss based Clariant, setting up shop in Łódz, it is not surprising that the international community is growing too.

Walking down the streets of Łódz, along Piotrkowska or through the endless attractions of Manufaktura, you will be able to hear a great variety of different languages spoken among groups of people. Italian, French, Spanish or even Dutch or one of the Scandinavian languages, to name but a few, have become part of daily life in Łódz.

Foreigners in Łódz on Facebook is a community made up of expats living in Łódz and locals alike. It is not just about asking questions, recent posts have shown that Foreigners in Łódz also provides a platform for discussions, a meeting point, a community where all kinds of people get together, be creative and expand their horizons.

It is also a platform for Łódz city council to understand the needs of foreigners in Łódz and with the community growing every day, the admins of the group hope that the city council will use this group pro-actively. It is understood that until now, Łódz city council does not recognize the growing international community in Łódz as much as they should. In fact, the Łódz Post was told that some city officials believe that Łódz is not attractive for foreigners and therefore there aren’t any. Well, Łódz City Council, please draw attention to the 2000 people who have joined the Foreigners in Łódz Facebook group and who hold lengthy discussion on various topics around Łódz and Poland.

If you are new to Łódz or have lived here all your life, visit the Foreigners in Łódz Facebook group and join the fun. This week, the group welcomed its 2000th member. A clear sign that Łódz is changing, growing and that it is on its way to become a truly multinational city with potential.

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