Food Exchange in Łódz – Get a taste of the world

The fifth edition of “Food Exchange” will take place at 6 Dzielnica (Piotrkowska 102) this Sunday (25.10.) . Organized by Language Exchange Łódz, this event promises to get your taste buds jumping.


The idea of Food Exchange is to bring dishes from across the world to one table, allowing participants to travel around the food globe without having to leave Łódz. Considering the growing number of Poles who have lived abroad and returned back home as well as the large number of expats, foreign students and volunteers living in Łódz, this event is set to become a popular calendar entry for those who enjoy to experience different cultures and meeting new people.

As with Language Exchange, everyone is welcome to join Food Exchange free of charge. Participants are asked to bring a cooked meal and share with other participants. However, if you do not have the possibility to cook or do not trust your own cooking abilities, it won’t be frowned upon to bring a dish bought from the markets or shops.

It is not just about eating though. There is also the element of cultural exchange. The food will be presented on plates and clearly labelled in order for participants to learn more about the dish and its heritage. 6 Dzielnica will provide a large room for the event as well as plastic plates and cutlery. Microwave ovens will also be available to heat up the food.

Food Exchange will take place on 25th of October at 18:00. So far over 80 people have confirmed to attend the event. If you want to find out more, visit the event’s Facebook Page or visit Language Exchange’s Facebook Group

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