First trampoline park in Łódź to open in May – This is what it will look like

Image: Press Material

Trampoline parks are gaining in popularity throughout the country. Residents of Warsaw, Bialystok, Poznan and Gdynia already get their kick and keep fit from the almost unlimited jumping possibilities. Now it’s time for the people in Łódź to join the fun.

Image: Press Material
Image: Press Material

Trampoline parks across various cities in Poland have proven very successful. Simply dress up comfortably and get jumping. Either jump individually, play dodgeball against others, hop into a pool of softballs or join fitness classes. The trampoline park in Łódź promises to have something for everyone.

Opening its doors to trampoline and fitness enthusiasts in May, the park will be located close to the shopping center “Tulipan” at ul. Wydawnicza 5.

In Łódź, the trampoline park will consist of nearly 1000 m2 and will offer trampoline fun for everyone. Whether trampolines allowing to hop into a pool of softballs, dodgeball arena (ie, the space is divided into square trampolines to play dodgeball), acrobatic tracks, trampolines with baskets and baton sports.

The park in Łódź will stand out from the competition in the country and in Europe with its special “honeycomb” parkour. The owners decided to mount hexagonal instead of traditional square trampolines.

– This zone was designed specifically for us. We have been jumping for years and we were looking for an idea to increase the fun on trampolines. Honeycomb is perfect, because one can jump on it in six directions, which gives a lot of interesting possibilities. We were testing the prototypes and it turned out very well – says Ewa Kowalska from Saltos, the company running the park.

The opening of the park will take place in May. So far, the exact price for one hour of jumping fun has not been published, however, the owners mentioned an approx. fee of 20 PLN.

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