Fire at Dąbrowskiego. Damage caused worth millions of Zlotych

A large fire broke out at a paint / plastics warehouse at Dąbrowskiego this morning. The damage caused is already estimated to be worth millions of Zlotych.


The fire broke out just after 9am on Monday (27.07.15) morning at a paint / plastics warehouse at Dąbrowskiego street. The cause of the fire is still unknown, however, bringing the scene under control proved to be a difficult task for firefighters. The roof of the building collapsed, making access difficult. Firefirghters also experienced difficulties getting access to water. Over 20 fire engines were dispatched to the scene.

Experts have asked for residents to take all precautions due to the toxic fumes and ashes that were carried through the air by the wind. At 10:00 am, ashes and remains of burned plastics were carried as far as the Green Horizon office building at Rondo Soldinarnosc. Over 100 employees were evacuated from the warehouse.

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