Error on MPK Łódź website. Bus no. 85 takes passengers to……. Africa

The website of public transport company MPK Łódź had passengers puzzled on Saturday evening. According to the data available on the site, bus no. 85 would take passengers as far as Africa.


Passengers checking for information about changes in public transport on the route W-Z, were a little bit surprised on Saturday when finding out that bus no. 85 has expanded its route all the way to Africa. According to maps shown on the website, the route’s last stop would be the Atlantic Ocean.

Following the information on the official MPK Łódź website, bus no. 85 would travel in a straight line from Łódź via the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, cross the Adriatic Sea, drive through Italy, the Mediterranean, and further through African countries: Tunisia, Libya , Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and Benin to reach the Gulf of Guinea with its final stop in the Atlantic Ocean.


This is not the first time this type of error appears on the company’s website. The error was quickly picked up by users of the site and spread across social media. User’s on social network site Facebook were wondering how many 40 minute tickets one has to purchase in order to reach bus no. 85 final stop.

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