Doused with acid liquid. Woman sustains facial injuries in front of Łódź courtroom

Police in Łódź detained a man this morning (22.08.2016) in front of a courtroom at the Łódź district court at al. Kościuszki. The man is accused of having doused a woman’s face with acid liquid.


As Radio Łódź reported, police were called to the scene at approx. 09:00 this morning (22.08.2016). Adam Kolasa, of the Łódź regional police headquarters, stated that the man was arrested following an incident outside the courtroom at the district court’s office.

Current findings show that the man was accused and waiting for trial. At one point, inside the waiting room, he moved towards a women, appearing in the same court proceedings, and doused her face with an acid substance. The injured was taken to hospital with facial burns. At the time of arrest, the 50-year-old man had 0.5 per mille of alcohol in the body.

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