Destruction and false data – Public bicycles in Łódź targeted by vandals

The public bicycles in Łódź are available to the public since the end of April this year. So far, Łódź residents have enjoyed their new method of transport, breaking records in rental numbers compared to other cities.


Unfortunately, not all seem to welcome the public bikes as much as most of Łódź’s population. After only two months of operation, the company that runs the public bike system, Nextbike Polska, has suffered some damages already.

Within the first week of operations, one of the bike stations was vandalized by four men at night, however, police were able to arrest the men who admitted that they did not know exactly why they wanted to cause damage to the station. Police confirmed that all men were under the influence of alcohol. The Łódź Post reported.

Another incident saw one of the public bikes being thrown on to the roof of Gorniak Hall instead of returning it to one of the 100 stations spread across the city. Another bike was burnt on a street while a third bike was thrown into a pond.

– Each bike is worth 2,000 PLN. Luckily, so far only the burnt bike had to be written off. The damage caused to other bikes could be repaired. We closely work with the police and we get many hints from members of the publc when they observe damage caused to our bikes. So far, we have been able to track 4 people who rented bikes under false details and did not return them. This is considered as theft and the police are dealing with the cases, – says Michał Dąbrowski of Nextbike Polska.

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