City of Łódź promoted at EXPO 2017 in Astana

Due to the fact that the Republic of Poland and the City of Łódź apply for the right to organize the EXPO Exhibition in 2022, part of the space of the Polish Exposition at the International Exhibition EXPO Astana 2017 will be dedicated to presenting and promoting the candidature for the International Exhibition EXPO 2022. The exhibition in Astana will be held between June and September 2017.

The main objective of Poland’s participation in the EXPO 2017 is to build a lasting trust in the “POLSKA” brand. We want to talk about Poland as an active country on the international stage, modern, with a strong potential for hardworking and educated people, a country that for Kazakhstan is an example of the great success of economic and political transformation, a country with a steady growth.

The upcoming EXPO is especially important because for the first time it is held in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, with which Poland is linked through a shared history and the developing trade exchange. Kazakhstan in turn perceives the organization of the International Exhibition EXPO in Astana as a great opportunity to improve infrastructure, revive economic relations, attract foreign investment, increase tourism and strengthen the image of the country.

Poland’s exposition covers a total of about 1000 m2 located on two levels.

On the first level there is the main part of the exhibition, where the content of Poland’s message at the International Exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana will be presented. The space available for Łódź is about 160 m2.

The concept of the exhibition is multimedia and interactive. The central point of the exhibition is a mock-up which presents selected architectural elements of the center of Łódź. Another part of the exhibition is a projection on the exhibition center’s walls. The projections will tell the story of an emerging city, which is beginning to grow and change its character over time.

Poland and have Łódź have applied to become hosts for the EXPO in 2022.

Source & Image: UML

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