Change in ticket validity at MPK Łódź from January 2016

Staring from 1st of January 2016, tickets for MPK Łódź will no longer be available with the extended period of validity. The change applies to 20 and 40 minutes tickets.


Public transport in Łódź will return to its normal ticketing system with the beginning of the new year. Until now, passengers were able to avail of an offer of extended validity of tickets. A 20-minute ticket could be used for up to 40 minutes and a 40-minute ticket for up to an hour.

From 1st of January 2016, everything will return to normal. The tickets will be valid for the length of time printed on them. Prices remain unchanged:
– 20 minutes ticket – 1.30 PLN (concessions) and 2.60 PLN (normal)
– 40 minutes ticket – 1.70 PLN (concessions) and 3.40 PLN (normal)
– 60-minute ticket – 2.20 PLN (concessions) and 4.40 PLN (normal)

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