CBA detains Atlas Arena CEO Krzysztof Maciaszczyk

Krzysztof Maciaszczyk, CEO of Atlas Arena in Łódź, was detained by CBA (Central Anticorruption Bureau) today (19.01.2016).


The central anticorruption bureau detained Krzysztof Maciaszczyk, president of “Miejskiej Areny Kultury i Sportu w Łodzi”, which also manages Atlas Arena. The arrest was confirmed by prosecutor Arkadiusz Roćko of the district attorney’s office in Gorzow Wielkopolski. – It’s the only thing I can say at the moment. We will announce further details of charges- he added.

According to unofficial sources, the arrest may follow suspicions which involve improper distribution of tickets for events held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź.

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