Bus of MKP Łódź shot at with air gun

In the late hours of Wednesday 03.08.2016, a bus of public transport company MKP Łódź was shot at while travelling on ul. Pabianicka in Łódź. The incident took place at around 22:00.


According to the driver of bus no. 61, two men could be seen in the dark, standing with their hands held up to their shoulders. Suddenly the glass of two windows of the bus pierced. Police confirmed that three small shells, most likely small metal balls, hit the bus, causing damage to the windows. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

This is not the first time shots were fired at a bus in Łódź . In December last year, two shots were fired at bus no. 86 while travelling on ul. Żeromskiego in the center of the city.

Image: Dziennik Łódzki

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