Bus lanes in Lodz available to Motorcyclists from March 2015

Starting from March, motorcyclists will be able to use bus lanes in Lodz under the pilot program “Bus lanes available for bikers.” The police did not see any contraindications in motorcyclists riding on the bus lanes.


In the beginning bikers will benefit from a bus lane on the section of national road No. 14, which runs along al. Palki, ul. Kopcińskiego and al. Rydz-Śmigłego. But they already have an appetite for more. And all indicators point to that the next bus lanes will soon be made available to them.

This is to improve safety in the city and relieve congestion. In March the pilot program of “Bus lane available for bikers.” will commence. The police can not see contraindications. – Finally there is light at the tunnel – says Jaroslaw Nowiński, who rides a Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 – I attended a meeting with the police on this matter. They look forward to providing us with more bus lanes. The new solution brings some advantages for for Jaroslaw Nowiński. – It is above all comfort. For safety, regardless of the weather and time of year, we wear our special protecting suits. In hot weather, when we stand in traffic, it is very uncomfortable. Drivers have air conditioning in cars and we sweat a lot – he notes. – In addition, motorcyclists using the bus lanes improves safety. This will reduce the movement of two-wheelers between cars. In such situations, one driver sees a motorcyclist, the other does not which often ends in tragedy.

This type of solution has already been implemented in London, Bydgoszcz and Krakow. I did my research – says Tomasz Kacprzak, deputy director of the Provincial Road Traffic Centre in Lodz. – Now it’s time to fix the details. We will work on how to properly mark the bus lane. The program is a pilot, we are still learning but once implemented, it should help to reduce congestions in the city significantly.

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