Bus lanes in Lodz soon available for Motorcycles?

“Riding a motorcycle on the bus lanes would improve safety on the roads of Lodz.”

Lodz must follow the examples of Warsaw, Krakow and London – says Tomasz Kacprzak, deputy director of the Provincial Road Traffic Centre in Łódź and the city councilor OP.

It’s about a motorcycle license to ride on bus lanes. Kacprzak also wants that bus lanes were available for all cars during off-peak hours.

The number of motorcyclists in Lodz increased after the change in legislation. To ride a motorcycle with a capacity of up to 125 cubic centimeters a driving license of category B is sufficient.

Bus lane Lodz

“Please consider making bus lanes available to motorcyclists. This practice operates, among others, in London and in Krakow and contributed to the growth of safety for two-wheelers. In both cities, the availability of bus lanes to motorcyclists decreased the number of accidents,” – says the interpellation Kacprzak. “Please also consider the provision of bus lanes to all road users outside peak traffic hours.

Management of Roads and Transport in Lodz examine these possibilities, but only after the completion of repairs.

In the era of ongoing investment and rapidly increasing number of cars, we focus on public transport. Bus lanes were introduced in order for bus passengers moving much faster through the city than individual drivers – says Piotr Grabowski of ZDiT in Lodz. – If you open the bus lanes to other road users, they lose their meaning, especially now that many drivers do not comply with the provisions and use of bus lanes.

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