Bus with essential aid for the homeless to circle streets of Łódź during winter months

Starting from today (01.12.), a bus with essential aid for the homeless will be circling the streets of the city in an attempt to provide those in need with the basics to get through the cold winter months. The initiative has proven very popular during the last winter.


The bus will run from December until the 15th of March, usually within the vicinity of railway stations, bus stops and places where homeless people congregate. Volunteers on the bus will seek dialogue with the homeless and those in need of assistance. Inside the bus, people can warm up, get a hot meal, receive essential medicines or get a lift to one of the shelters.

In addition to the bus, authorities in the Łódź region are also calling on the public to assist with the search of homeless people during the winter months. If you see someone in need, do not be indifferent, call the authorities. A quick telephone call to police or city guards might save a life. Authorities can be contacted on the numbers below:

General Emergency Line: 112
Police: 997
City Guards: 986

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