Book exchange on trains – Łódź Agglomeration Railway promotes reading

A rather unusual campaign, at least for train operators, has been launched by Łódź Agglomeration Railway. 500 books have been distributed on various sets of trains in a bit to promote reading among train passengers.


The idea, similar to book exchanges, aims to reduce the time of travel for passengers (at least mentally) and also to promote the concept of reading a book. – Passengers can even take the books with them, but we hope that they will return them to another train at some point. We want as many people to be able to take advantage of our campaign – says ŁKA CEO Andrzej Wasilewski.

A broad variety of books are available to passengers. From classical Polish literature, Dan Brown novels, to books for children. We managed to gather more than 500 books – adds province marshal Witold Stepien.

Book exchanges have become increasingly popular in Poland. A similar initiative was just recently launched by the public library in the center of Łódź as part of library week.

Image: Radio Lodz

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