Belly Button Man – Artistic Installation by American Artist Mark Jenkins on Piotrkowska (Photos)

Within two weeks, five art installations by American artist Mark Jenkins will be placed along ul. Piotrkowska in Łódź. One of them is “Belly Button Man”, a hooded figure with a hole in the belly, holding a lantern. In Łódź, the artist creates at the invitation of the Łódź Events Center.

– I want to do interactive projects here, fitting in to what you already have in town. My art is a kind of illusion. Other projects that will appear on Piotrkowska Street are, for example, girls on a balcony gathering flowers, – said the artists.

Mark Jenkins is an American artist who focuses on street art installations. His work was realized, among others, in New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, London, Montreal and Seoul. He has participated in the world’s largest art festivals and has collaborated with artists in many fields.

The estimated cost of Jenkins installations in Łódź is 35,000 PLN.

Photos: Łódź Events Center

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