Following bomb attack in Manchester, Ariana Grande suspends tour, including Łódź concert

Following last night’s terrorist bombing attack during a concert by American singer Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena, Grande has reportedly indefinitely suspended her “Dangerous Woman” world tour which includes two concerts at the Atlas Arena in Łódź scheduled for the 31st of May and 1st of June.

Manchester police are treating the explosion, which killed at least 22 people and injured 50 more at the Manchester Arena last night (22.05.17), as a terrorist attack. Events unfolded at approx. 10.30pm (GMT) on Monday evening at the end of a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Grande’s music is particular popular with children and teenagers and it has been reported that children were amongst last night’s victims.

The attack took place in foyer of the Manchester arena and has left at least 22 people dead and over 50 people injured. Medical personnel at the scene described the injuries consistent with shrapnel injuries usually caused by bomb attacks.

Last night’s terror attack is the worst on British soil since the 7/7 bombing. In 2005, a series of attacks hit London’s transport system, claiming the lives 52 people.

According to the news outlet TMZ, sources connected to Ariana have told TMZ that she will not perform on Thursday in London and decided to put the entire tour on hold. She was scheduled to perform in England, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Following the terrorist attack, Grande posted on her social media accounts – broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words – .

Images: Wiki commons & Ariana Grande FB

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